Tube scarf for Babies & Children


Super soft material. Made from a super soft microfibre fabric, the Toddle Adventure Tube Scarf is gentle on skin. The super absorbent and quick drying microfibre material means the Adventure Tube Scarf is great for dribble too.


Stretchy tube design. Our Toddle Adventure Tube Scarf features a stretchy tube design making great for little ones as they won’t pull it off – you don’t need to worry about losing this scarf!


Multipurpose. You can wear our Adventure Tube Scarf lots of different ways. The Toddle Adventure Tube Scarf is super versatile and can be worn 7 different ways as a; neck warmer, snood, head band, ski scarf, face mask, bandana, or beanie hat! With all these different options, you can wear your Adventure Tube Scarf on every adventure all year round – no matter the weather.


Great for all of the family. The stretchy design of the Adventure Tube Scarf means it can fit the whole family, from baby to adult! There’s no need to replace your Adventure Tube Scarf as your child grows, it’s stretchy design means it can fit your little ones for years to come.


Seamless design. Our Adventure tube Scarf has been designed with kids in mind, there are no irritating seams which means no chafing. No chafing means happier kids, and happier kids means happier adventures!


Breathable fabric. Constructed from a super soft 100% microfibre fabric makes the Adventure Tube Scarf light and breathable. The breathable fabric will keep your little ones cool and comfortable on every adventure.


Made for every family adventure. The Toddle Adventure Tube Scarf is perfect to keep little ones warms and cosy whether you are skiing, walking, or out and about on trips with family and friends.


Beautiful design exclusive to Toddle. Our Adventure Tube Scarf features a beautiful bears in the forest design that has been created exclusively for Toddle – you won’t see this design anywhere else!


Reduced packaging. We have kept packaging to minimum for our Adventure Tube Scarf to reduce the impact on the environment. We will never pack your Adventure Tube Scarf in a plastic bag! We’ve kept the packaging light and thin, once you’re done with it please make sure it lands in the recycling bin!


The Toddle Adventure Tube Scarf is perfect for every outdoor adventure! From walks, playing at the park, to Forest School and beyond, our Adventure Scarf is ideal for you and your family all year round. It’s super versatile design means you can wear it as a scarf in the winter and a bandana in the summer. Made from a stretchy microfibre material the Toddle Adventure Tube Scarf will fit the whole family from baby to adult!


  • Super soft material
  • Stretch design – fits from baby to adult
  • No chafing, seamless design
  • Designed exclusively for Toddle Born Wild
  • Breathable microfibre fabric