Happy Germ Hand Gel for Babies & children


Contains Sesame Oil

Baby & Child-Friendly Probiotic Hand Gel. Did you know the Toddle happy germ hand gel is the world’s most probiotic hand gel? It’s a big innovation for little hands.


Improve your child’s skin’s natural barrier. Our happy germ hand gel uses happy germs, like the cultures found in fancy yoghurts, to help improve children’s skin’s natural barrier. Our Happy Germ Hand Gel contains natural antimicrobials, and the live culture helps the good bacteria on your hands to thrive and fight off the bad ones. We also use essential oils due to their naturally occurring antibacterial properties.


Toddle Toggle. Never lose your hand gel again! With our Toddle Toggle you can clip your happy germ hand gel to your bags and buggies – ready for whenever you need it!


No alcohols or acids. Toddle’s Happy Germ Hand Gel doesn’t contain any nasty alcohols or acids. Made with natural ingredients including aloe vera, it’s gentle on young children’s skin and leaves your hands happy!


Moisturising properties. With no alcohol or acids the Toddle Happy Germ Hand Gel doesn’t dry out your child’s skin. Instead, the natural ingredients in the Happy Germ Hand Gel formula helps hands to stay moisturised throughout the day. Our Happy Germ Hand Gel contains aloe vera and organic turmeric oil to help keep hands feeling soft – there’s no dry or cracking skin here!


Natural ingredients. Made with 98% natural ingredients. The Happy Germ Hand Gel is packed with high quality and natural ingredients to protect you and your little ones.


Vegan and cruelty free. Like the rest of the Toddle product range, the Happy Germ Hand Gel is PETA approved vegan and cruelty free.


Sugarcane bioplastic tube. We use fully recyclable sugarcane bioplastic tubes to package our Happy Germ Children’s Hand Gel.



A big innovation for little hands, the Happy Germ Hand Gel uses happy germs (like the cultures found in fancy yoghurts) to help improve the skin’s natural barrier.

  • The science in this is incredible!” Helen, Mum of 1, Bristol
  • Natural with live cultures (lactobacillus)
  • Helps protect your skin’s immune system from nasty pathogens (viruses & bacteria)
  • Kind to skin, leaves hands moisturised.
  • Toddle Toggle- with easy to use clip it won’t get lost!
  • Formulated in Wales, ingredients from Yorkshire, Made in Cheshire