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About Om Bamboo

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Om Bamboo is a plant based shop which strives to stock products that have a low carbon footprint and that are less harmful to both our customers and the planet we lease. 

We do not stock products that are in any way exploitative to the workers that produce them at any stage of the manufacturing process. 

We have worked tirelessly to ethically source a range home and lifestyle products which showcase to customers that quality products can also be both ethically and environmentally friendly. You don’t have to be vegan to understand that if everybody change one product from their shopping list to a move environmentally friendly option then that would make a huge difference. We are simply here to provide those options.

With the beliefs and principals written on this site in mind, we only stock clothing  that is 100% cotton and manufactured by Fair Wear Certified Producers. This ensures that all workers are paid a living wage and are in secure contracted employment as defined in the principals of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

In addition we also stock everything from vegan foods, to bamboo utensils and hygiene products to natural hair and skin care products. We source these products from ethically UK Suppliers and support craftsman in countries like Bali, all the while spreading a message that a small change is good for all. 

Join us in our journey and discover the amazing products our

Om Bamboo friends make.